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18 décembre 2020
Fin du premier semestre

Les étudiants viennent de terminer leurs examens théoriques et la plupart de leurs projets. Après ce semestre difficile, un (tout petit) peu de repos avant de terminer les projets restant et se préparer pour la reprise le 4 janvier 2021.

International Track on Machine Learning and Data Mining

MLDM Website

Link to the application Web Site


MLDM is an international track that provides an original scientific position in Europe on problems related to pattern recognition, machine learning, classification, modelling, knowledge extraction, data mining or big data analysis in the context of large amount of hetereogeneous and complex numerical or symbolic data. These issues have a strong employability potential for students trained in the field of modelling, analysis, prediction, information extraction, big data management or decision support, as well as in the area of the Web, image and video processing, health informatics, etc.
Openings: expert/consulting engineer in machine learning/data mining, expert/consulting engineer in business intelligence and Big Data, data scientist, data analyst, research and development manager, head of data analysis department, etc.

Course organisation

Semester 1, year 1 (M1) - 30 ECTS

Semester 2, year 1 (M1) - 30 ECTS

Semester 3, year 2 (M2) - 30 ECTS

Semester 4, year 2 (M2) - 30 ECTS


Coordinators of the MLDM track: amaury.habrard[AT], marc.sebban[AT]