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La rentrée des M1 parcours DSC, CPS2, MLDM : lundi 4 septembre à 9h, rendez-vous dans la cours du site Carnot/Manufacture devant le bâtiment B. Programme de la semaine d'intégration:
- en M1 DSC
- en M1 MLDM
- en M1 CPS2 .

La rentrée des M2 parcours DSC : lundi 11 septembre 14h00, salle B08, Site Carnot/Manufacture.

La rentrée des M2 parcours MLDM : lundi 25 septembre, salle B09 - horaire et salle à confirmer, Site Carnot/Manufacture.

La rentrée des M2 parcours CPS2 : lundi 11 septembre, 9h, à l'espace Fauriel, Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne.

Le 17 février 2017 a eu lieu la session de remise de diplômes du master !

International aspects of the master


The objective of this master is to train professionals who will be skilled to develop a research or an engineering activity in the areas of computer science, connected systems, machine learning, data mining, cyber-physical systems, data analysis, web.
From an international standpoint, this master offers some courses in english, some international tracks involving a double diploma and some possibilities of international exchange, look at the descriptions below.
Note that the students must pass the TOEIC english certification during the second year of the master.

International track Machine Learning and Data Mining (MLDM)

For further information, check this page and the official web page of the MLDM track.

International track Cyber-Physical Social Systems (CPS2)

More information as soon as possible.

International exchanges

Two main possibilities of academic exchanges: Some scholarships can be offered to students to cover part of the expanses during their mobility (academic exchanges and placements).

For courses in english and placements for exchange students, please refer to the English web page of the computer science departement. Note that the following courses of the master are taught in english: advanced algorithms, complexity, computer networks, artificial intelligence, optimization and operational research, data analysis, data mining and knowledge discovery, data mining for big data, machine learning (introduction, fundamentals and advanced), multi-agent systems (coordination and programming), semantic web, virtual communities, international project management, distributed and mobile computing, web services, cloud computing, Internet of things, Trust and privacy, security, system modeling.

For any further information, please contact : Pierre Maret (, in charge of the international relations.