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La cérémonie de remise des diplômes de la promotion de master 2017-2019 aura lieu le vendredi 27 mars 2020, de 18h à 19h30, en salle D03 sur le campus Manufacture.

Les M2 (DSC, MLDM et CPS2) sont en stage, en entreprise ou laboratoire, depuis le lundi 3 février 2020. Leur stage dure au minimum 4 mois, il peut aller jusqu'au lundi 31 août 2020.

International Track on Cyber-Physical Social Systems (CPS2)

Quick link to the specific Website for the CPS2 Track ==> Here
Link to the application Web Site: Here.


International track aiming at training experts able to deal with issues related to Cyber-Physical Social Systems and capable to propose and to set up appropriate solutions. These systems result from the merging of the physical, social and digital dimensions of our environments such as the industry 4.0, smart cities or intelligent transport systems.
Openings: head of a computer science domain, architect of cyber-physical systems, ingineer for the conception and development of cyber-physical systems, experts in sociotechnical systems, functionnal consultant, consulting engineer in applications for health, transport, energy and environment.

Course organisation

Semester 1, year 1 (M1) - 30 ECTS

Semester 2, year 1 (M1) - 30 ECTS

Semester 3, year 2 (M2) - 30 ECTS

Semester 4, year 2 (M2) - 30 ECTS

  • UE 1 : Internship

  • Contacts

    Coordinators for the CPS2 track: pierre.maret[AT] (UJM), gauthier.picard[AT] (EMSE).